2014 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Language & useful phrases

  • Language and useful phrases
  • Language and useful phrases
  • Language and useful phrases

Arabic is the official language, although English is widely spoken and most road and shop signs and restaurant menus are in both languages. The further out of town you go, the more Arabic you will find, both written and spoken. Arabic isn't the easiest language to pick up, or to pronounce, but if you can throw in a couple of Arabic words here and there they will be warmly received.

Useful phrases: Greetings

Hi   Salam
Good morning   Sabah el kheer
Good evening   Masaa el kheer
Welcome! (to greet someone)   Marhaba
How are you?   Kaifa alhal
I'm fine, thanks   Ana bekhair, shokran
And you?   Wa ant?
Thank you (very much)!   Shukran (jazeelan)
You’re welcome! (for thank you)   Afwan
Good night   Tosbeho ala khair
Goodbye   Ma’a salama

Useful phrases: Asking for help and directions

I'm lost   Ada'tu tareeqi
Can you help me?   Momkin mosa’adati?
Straight/left/ right   Ala tool/yisar/yameen
How much is this?   B kam hatha? (th as in bath)
Excuse me...! (to ask for something or to pass by)   Law samaht

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Apr 16, 2014 to Apr 30, 2014

Apr 23, 2014 to Aug 01, 2014

Apr 24, 2014 to May 03, 2014

Apr 30, 2014 to May 05, 2014