2014 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Dune barbecue & moonlight campfire

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Head towards the Liwa oasis at dawn and prepare for one of the most incredible landscape you'll ever witness. Once you reach the crescent shaped Liwa oasis, take some time to drive between the small towns that populate this fertile area. This will be your last stop for supplies before heading into the massive dunes, so make sure you are prepared, and that there is more than one vehicle on your part; never venture into the desert alone. Once past the Liwa oasis, you’ll quickly be blown away by the sheer size of the dunes. Find yourselves an area to camp and pitch your tents. Remember: never go out in the desert alone!


Fire up barbecues, cook yourselves a meal and get ready to blast through the dunes. If you're camping with a guided tour, hold on tight while the experienced drivers take you on a drive you'll never forget. You should also try your hand at sand boarding, the desert equivalent of snowboarding.

There's nothing like sitting around a campfire with good friends and great food. Start preparing your evening feast, heat up the barbecue and put some wood in the fire pit. As you wait for the coals to heat up, climb the highest sand dune you can and watch what might be the most majestic sunset of your life; the long shadows cast by the dunes only magnify their incredible size. Head back to camp, feast like a king, then sit back and enjoy the company of good friends and endless stars.

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