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Emirates Park Zoo

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  • Kids Zoo
  • Kids Zoo
  • Kids Zoo
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With over 1700 animals, including a majestic pair of white tigers, a 31-year-old, 300kg-plus Siberian bear, lions, cheetahs and dozens of zebras housed in the zoo’s ‘Predators’ and ‘Wild Animals’ enclosures, the Emirates Park Zoo in Al Bahia, a north-east suburb of the UAE capital features a park-wide ‘misting system’ which keeps animals and patrons cool in the summer months.

Connected to the zoo, the Emirates Park Resort features air-conditioned accommodation with balconies overlooking the zoo, cave or garden. 

Entrance to the park is AED 25 (US$ 6.81) for adults and AED 10 (US$ 2.72) for kids under six years old. Kids under two years old enter free.

Opening times:
Sunday - Wednesday: 9am to 8pm
Thursday - Saturday: 9am to 9pm

Where: Al Bahia, north-east of Abu Dhabi city, 35km away from the capital on the way to Dubai
+971 2 5633100

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